Monday, December 8, 2008

It's been an interesting month in The Bertie Project. Reading the book "The Brain That Changed Itself" inspired me to re-wire some of the neural circuits that had hardened with old habits, and begin the wire in new circuits. I see the scope of the project ranging from life style changes to a consistent program of trying new things. For me the key to embarking on change was being able to visualize the changes that would take place in my brain as I started diet modification, a regular walking schedule, trying new things with my cameras and new ways to work with film and prints. This visualization made it easier to overcome inertia, and allowed me to see the benefits that a few weeks of consistent work brought about.

With the cameras I started a new project that involves a fair amount of shooting colour film. I paired that experience up with trying home development of colour negative film (turned out to be ridiculously easy, and very addictive) and cross-processing of colour slide film.

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