Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Metallic Lushness

I tried a new way to print some of my images - using mpix.com and Kodak metallic paper. One of the images was this lumen print of poppies. Lumen prints are one of a kind, since they are essentially photograms made on expired black and white paper by exposing for hours in direct sunlight. The colours result from the long exposure, the expired paper and chemicals in the plant material that interact with the chemicals in the paper. They are always intriguing, and often have a wonderful glow. I scanned the original print and then sent the digital file to mpix.com for printing. Just received the print (and some others) today, and am blown away by the way the metallic paper enhances the glow in this image. Part of the motivation for trying this is to find ways to produce prints for sale at a reasonable price, but high quality.

1 comment:

Thomas Widmer said...

The colors are really amazing. Due to the long exposure I would have expected a completely black print...But now I remember these kind of prints don't need development. Very interesting.