Saturday, May 7, 2011

In the Garden

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These are  few images made during the past week. Through doing them I discovered several things. I have been berating myself for not getting out with my 4X5 camera on forest walks - I never seem to get everything organized in time to do it. Then last weekend I was sitting on the studio porch while the sun was diffused by the morning cloud cover, when I realized I should just grab the tripod and camera and explore the back garden in the soft, even light. Several of these images are from that little epiphany, although I've cropped them to a square format. Then yesterday I was grabbing a couple of quick shots during light rain to test my camera connector for the iPad. I wasn't sure if the iPad would display the RAW files from my little Canon point and shoot, so I made a couple of images in RAW then some in RAW+jpeg. At which point I discovered that the 1:1 format setting on the camera, which isn't selectable in RAW mode, is selectable in RAW+jpeg mode. For no good reason, that made me quite happy.

The most important thing I got out of this week is the idea that photos are always around and waiting to be made. Although I eschew the straightforward "beautiful" flower shot, there are still endless possibilities to find compositions right at home in the garden.
And now I'm heading out for a photowalk with my dear friend Jan - we're heading over to a favourite location - should be tremendous fun!

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J. M. Golding said...

Thank you for sharing both your experience and these beautiful pictures ... this is an important reminder for me, and is all the more real when I see what you've created.