Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daily Practice 304/365

Title: "The Four Yachtsmen"
(click on image to view larger)
The girls and I went on a little outing to a local park for a walk in the woods. As we walked down to the lake from the parking lot, we came upon a group of about 10 men wading around in the water with these miniature sailboats. It seemed they were here for a friendly regatta, which was sailed according to strict rules. And yes, although each man had a remote control, it only worked the rudder on the little boats - they went under wind power. E. and I went for a walk along the forest trail, but Z. stayed behind to watch the sport. Here you see four of the yachtsmen following their boats along the shore, making fine adjustments to their rudders to try to get the most speed they could out of the breeze, and to maneuver for positions as they came close to the marker they would turn around at.

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