Sunday, January 23, 2011

In spite of evidence to the contrary

Title: "An Unkindness of Ravens"
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The first glided from out of the sun,
wings spread for maximum coast,
landing spot judged from uncanny experience.
Back on terra firma, folded
up and strutting forward like a well
fed prosecutor sure of victory.

More rained down,
the sun glistening on their lampblack feathers
as they ambled forward for a closer look.
The glint in their eyes not
just a trick of the light,
representing their lust for the work.

A violent argument ensued as to who
should take the first tasty morsel that
would precipitate the frenzied feed.
Each squawked louder to drown
out the others like overheated children fighting
over the last swing in the park.

But one inched
closer and closer to the prize,
the others too intent
on arguing the merits of their case.
Then all was decided
as he picked up the tiny rodent,
judge flying off to the astonishment of his jury.

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