Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beyond a Gnomic Existence

Title: "Class struggle, Filbert St. Stairs"
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This statue was an unexpected find while climbing the Filbert Street stairs to the Coit Tower. It reminded me of statuary I saw many years ago in the former Eastern Bloc of Europe - a writhing mass of naked bodies in some way meant to epitomize the class struggle against oppression. Transported to a well tended English-style garden, it seemed to have acquired a faint whiff of eroticism.

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anne schnoebelen said...

Unless I miss my guess here, this is a maquette/model of a sculpture by Haig Patigian that was in the Promenade of the Seven Seas at the Golden Gate International Exposition, Treasure Island, 1939-1940. The name of the sculpture was "Creation."

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