Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Unseemly Sense of Scale

Title: "Coit Tower, Mid Morning"
(click on image to view larger)
There is something about towering objects that invokes ambiguous feelings - on the one hand, there is a sense of majesty and wonder; on the other hand, the erection of a towering object seems overly egotistical. In this case, the tower (even with its marvelous views) is overshadowed by the incredible murals in the base building - so marvelous that one can excuse the excess of the tower.


Lumen said...

Despite the walls, the tower is huge and show his 'power' over the environment.
I like this view on that powerfull tower with the plastic!

Lumen said...
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Lumen said...

I see that it is the same point of view as with the palmtree. I like it.