Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Practice 158/365

Title: "Total Eclipse"
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"Purposeful drift" was an oxymoron Lynda Gammon used in discussing an artist's process in her keynote address at the graduation ceremony yesterday. Drift implies aimlessness, which would be the exact opposite of purpose. In her own practice, Lynda mentioned that she goes to the studio every day (purpose), even if she has no idea what she will work on. Once there, she may do something mundane like sweeping the studio floor (drift) allowing herself to be open to the accidental. I think of this as a great description of my daily practice - I have the intention (purpose) of making images each day, but many times how the image making occurs is really the result of drift. Being open to the momentary possibilities becomes easier through practice.

Today I arrived home in the early afternoon and was reading a book out back when I noticed the shadow cast by a table. I made a few images, not sure of how I might work with them, and continuing a drifting process, I evaluated different treatments until I found myself returning to this final image. I like the very stylized look of it, it could just as easily be an etching as a photograph, the graphic treatment working extremely well with the subject. I've made a few images of shadow patterns now, and I intend to look at them side by side to draw new purpose to use in making more in the future.

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J. M. Golding said...

I love the idea of "purposeful drift" - thank you for sharing that! And I'm intrigued by the ways that form, texture, and light come together in this image.