Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daily Practice 164/365

Title: "Variable/Identical"
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I'm fascinated by the tug between identical and variability in the patterns of nature. The shapes of leaves and flowers form in response to biochemical signals timed with great precision. Unlike the patterns that form in our own thoughts and lives, which often serve no useful purpose and are often counter-productive, the patterns that form in nature are specific in form and purpose.
I observed these plants on a walk this morning, while returning books to the library. I've been collecting images of plant patterns for the past little while, with the intention of making some cyanotype prints. These prints are made using sunlight and simple chemicals, the image emerging by washing the print with water. Images of nature, made with the power of nature.

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J. M. Golding said...

To my untrained eye, it's as if the clusters of leaves fit together almost like a train of thought, in all its non-linearity.