Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Practice 166/365

Title: "Love has abandoned this fearful, tearful heart"
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I have no idea how this image inspired a title that could just as easily work for a country song. But perhaps it's the fact that there's no artifice in the image - it's a straight-on study of line and tone as found in nature. Much like most country music is a straight-on discourse of the ups and downs of life. Many years ago when I first arrived in this idyllic little town, I was invited to join someone at a meeting of the local camera club. I should probably explain that our town is known for its gardens, and for it's attraction to the "nearly dead" (i.e. people in retirement). I vividly recall how one of the nice little old lady members was showing a fairly mundane flower macro  image, explaining how she had carefully used a tissue to remove some raindrops that would have ruined her perfect composition. It was at that point that I started wondering if there was a seedy side of town (not so much then, but readily found now) where I could make some shocking, gritty images as an antidote to this saccharine view of photography. And just for the record, there were plenty of nice little old men who had a similar religion when it came to making photographs.

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J. M. Golding said...

It sounds as if the photography you saw then was quite soulless ... and I totally see the tearful heart!