Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Practice 246/365

Title: "The Audience"
(click image to view larger)
My summer vacation is coming to a close, and I was working today to finish my "project" - which was to completely re-do my main web site. I was getting cabin fever, and went for a drive/stroll with the camera - the wind was up and the sea was a bit choppy this afternoon, but the sun was warm. I settled on at a favourite spot, enjoying the view of Mt. Baker in the distance, when the gulls started congregating in front of me. I felt as if they were an audience waiting for me to perform a party trick, but they were just facing into the sun and the wind, resting at the end of their day. After sitting peacefully for an hour, I felt refreshed and came home and finished the web site. Tomorrow I want to finish cleaning up and organizing the studio - as I was documenting some drawing and paintings for the web site, I felt the pull to do some new work. I'm also looking forward to getting out with the film cameras this weekend, too.

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