Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Practice 265/365

Title: "The confessional"
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I was at the doctor's office for a routine check up today, and as I sat waiting in one of the exam rooms, I realized the room served the purposes of a confessional. I could hear faint murmurings of a patient and the doctor in a neighbouring room - no details, but that quiet murmuring made me think of someone making a confidential confession, seeking absolution from the doctor. I started to think what it might be like to make a series of images of non-religious confessionals. They might be straightforward images like this one, or perhaps dark and mysterious - shot from outside the space, a door half closed with the faintest hint of figures within. I'm probably not going to pursue this idea, but it illustrates what I love about making art - that freedom to consider any or all ideas, to think of how the idea might be developed in images, to consider how the images would (will) be made. It certainly kept me entertained while I waited, and gave the brain a nice work out in the process.

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J. M. Golding said...

Thank you for sharing your thought process around this image. It seems to me that the more we engage in this kind of thinking, the more able we'll be to discover and make use of our best ideas.