Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Practice 263/365

Title: "Novelty pigs"
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A scene I don't see every day - three pigs by the side of the trail, happy as pigs in....well, you know what. Actually, this little pig farm has played a part in my horse riding experiences. For some time I used to board my horse at a stable in the same area. Every now and then it's nice to give the horses a break from riding over jumps in the ring, and "ride them out" on the trails. There was a nice little "circle" route we could take - around the corner, down the road to this trail, along the trail to the next country road over, and then back along the roads to the stable. Now, most horses are extremely suspicious and frightened/worried about pigs. In fact, my horse could smell the pigs (not these, but their predecessors at the same farm) a couple of hundred yards away and wanted nothing to do with them. At the time, I didn't have enough skill or courage to get my horse to walk past this pig farm - we tried a number of times, but in the end we always "turned tail", and retraced our route back to the stable.
So as I was riding my bike down the trail today, I got a bit nervous about going past the pigs - how would my bike react? Would it rear, buck, or perhaps spin suddenly and dump me on the ground? Fortunately the bike remained reasonably calm as we went past the pigs, and later during the return trip I stopped to take this picture. I could see my bike quivering slightly on its kick-stand as I dismounted and approached the pigs, but with the picture taken I remounted and we went on our way back to the car.

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