Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Practice 105/365

Title: "The circle of life"
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Our campus is awash in bunnies, a horde that grows larger and larger. The truth is, the bunnies humanize the campus, they're cute and are a selling point when undergraduate students are choosing between institutions. A heaven forbid that any of those students (or visiting parents) should be confronted by the violence of natural law. Because where there are bunnies, there will inevitably be raptors. So there is a clean up crew that scours the campus in the early morning to remove evidence of that violence before students have risen from their toasty beds. So I was quite surprised to come across this specimen while walking in from the parking lot this morning. If this were a human corpse, and I lived in a tv detective series, I would be thinking that the body had been laid out for display, that there was a message in the positioning. But in reality, the bones were picked clean by the faster, bigger, hungrier animal that caught this little ball of fluff.

In terms of photography, the image portrays a certain devotional quality, at the same time the camera shake transmits a feeling of being shocked or startled, coming across the unexpected.

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