Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daily Practice 98/365

Title: "the night my dreams turned post-apocalyptic"
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Although I'm still recovering from this flu, I did venture out briefly to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, and on the way home stopped along the water. It was a bright, sunny day with a cool wind blowing in, the kind of day you wish for when recovering from a minor illness. Something to make you feel almost normal.

When I returned home, I was processing the images I had made. I liked one which had the sun just entering the top of the frame, highlighting the clouds and water. I had it ready to post, yet I felt a little deflated by the image - good, but somehow not completely satisfying. As almost an afterthought I tried a solarization effect, and wow - did the mood of the image completely change. I'm not feeling post-apocalyptic myself, but I certainly like what happened with the image. This little incident highlights something I've realized about art and science - the tools and languages might be different, but inquiry, problem solving and experimentation run deep in both disciplines.

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J. M. Golding said...

Wonderful light! You know, you may not have been feeling post-apocalyptic when you made this, but given what you'd just been through, it's possible that you were, in a sense, post-apocalpytic :-)