Friday, April 2, 2010

Daily Practice 92/365

Title: "Tail End"
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We had a huge wind storm blow up in the early morning here, hard enough to stop the ferries from coming to our island paradise. Hard enough to knock out our power. We put a fire on, stocked up on goodies, adopted a bit of a pioneer survival mentality - even though the power was only out in our neighbourhood. A 5 minute drive would bring us to powered civilization. But the weather invited us to take a bit of a slow day, enjoying the absolute quiet in the house (broken by the odd whistle of wind around the kitchen door). At one point I ventured out to fill a couple of coolers with ice from work so we could cool our perishables, and as I returned home I drove along the coast.

There was high drama - whitecaps and cresting waves - the likes of which we see only a few times of the year. For a while there was a break in the clouds and the sun came out - although the wind was still strong enough along the water to blow you over. But what caught my eye in particular was the emerald green colour of the sea - around here the water is typically bluish-grey. So I opted to make an image that focused on colour, rather than drama.

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