Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daily Practice 94/365

Title: "Return of Hope"
I walked along the water today, a strong cool wind blowing in off the sea. The sounds of the surf, the bright sun and the wind all brought memories of other places - Gulf of Mexico, California, Hawaii. The sea here is not open ocean, our little island huddles against the continent for protection and the ocean is caught between landmasses on the east and south of us. So we rarely get this configuration of wind and surf.

There is something about this combination of sun, wind and waves that is restorative to the soul, primal in its challenge and comfort. As a single image, this is not particularly special but I can see the possibilities of a series of such images that could transcend the pressure put on one image to convey all. Repetition, like the ocean itself, could bring new insights and a welcome sense of calm.

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J. M. Golding said...

The light in this photo is so soothing! I'm also struck by the depth of color in both this and #92, and by the contrast in mood between the two images of one sea.