Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Practice 123/365

Title: "Still life with avocado and egg cooker"
(click to view larger)
I've recently (in the last year or so) slowly started to collect books of photography by artists who are generally known for their work in painting or sculpture. So far I have books of photographs by Jim Dine, Gerhard Richter, Kiki Smith and Cy Twombly (I may be missing a few names here). Twombly is an example of an artist who made photographs on an on-going basis, although these were not exhibited for a long time since they were generally visual notes to himself. They were generally photos of things lying around his studio and the studios of other artists. What I find endearing about the Twombly photographs is the link between their quality of blurriness, shapes and tones with those qualities of his paintings and drawings. Tonight I put together a little still life in the studio, which ironically consisted of elements I would not normally find in my studio, were it not doing dual duty at the moment as my "camp kitchen" during the renovations. I like the way this image turned out - the somewhat incomplete shapes of the two objects, the varying tones and physical imperfections.

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