Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daily Practice 129/365

Title: "Who is this approaching, up from the wilderness?"
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The affinity of poetry and photography fascinates me. Poets use words in combinations that amaze, delight and bring unexpected understanding to us. Photographers strive to make images that convey meanings beyond what is simply visible. This image was made just yards (meters) away from an extremely busy road that passes through the rain forest. Yet the power of the forest brings a tranquility that mutes the everyday world. I love the lush greens, the way the stream appears out of no where and carries on beyond the lower left corner of the image. This element in the composition is important for giving a sense of the magnitude of scale in this forest, that it envelopes one, is a place where one is easily lost in the best possible way.

Today when I went out, I debated taking a film camera but decided just to carry the little point and shoot digital. Looking at this image makes me want to do a series with this camera, as a counterpoint to a series I shot on film over the past couple of years. Those images also lent themselves nicely to pairing with lines from a poem, and can be seen here

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