Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Practice 130/365

Title: "Her body reflected all the freshness and splendor of the world"
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I have a plan to spend a week making "portraits" of the local forests with my digital P&S. I want to make images that capture the tranquility of the settings, that speak to why I have been constantly drawn to walk in the woods since I was a boy. It is a comfortable place to be alone, to let the mind quiet and thoughts to pass without notice. To consider the world as an upside down reflection of itself, with a flattened perspective on the still surface of the water. I like images such as this one because even when there is a demarkation between the "real" and the "reflected", there is still a strong ambiguity to the image. The reflection is like a photograph, with its framing constraints that fail to contain the entire height of the trees. A picture of a picture of a tranquil moment.

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J. M. Golding said...

A beautiful portrait of the earth, in all its restorative capacity ... I can't help wondering whether that could come from the very ambiguity that you describe, the possibility of including both the "real" and the "not real."