Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daily Practice 142/365

Title: "The call of the dark, glistening sea"
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The value of a daily practice was readily illustrated to me today. I took my 4x5 field camera out for the first time in many months. Working with the camera itself was no problem, but somehow I managed to make several images at first using the spotmeter completely backwards. I would take a reading on a dark value, but then place that value on the light side of the meter scale. I only realized this after about using 4 sheets of film. Once I straightened myself out on that, the rest of the session went well and I decided that I should make it a goal to use the view camera at least once a week. In fact, I'll take it out again tomorrow.

That wasn't the end of my trials and tribulations, though. There were a few mishaps while developing the film, again mostly because of a lack of practice. Fortunately the negatives came out fine.

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ER said...

very dramatic seascape! i particularly like the darkness of the sea.:)