Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily Practice 150/365

Title: "Echoes of my beating heart"
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For a change of pace on a rainy day, I went out into the garden and took some cuttings and brought them inside to set up a still life. I played around with a simple monocle lens and a wide angle lens on my 4X5 camera, but wasn't pleased with any of the compositions. While waiting for the instant film to develop after each set up, I took to playing around with the macro lens on my digital camera. A little bit of motion, the reflections of the rain on the flowers, and something interesting happened. I like this crowded composition found within the still life, the light trails from the rain drops and slight blurring give a sense of vitality.


J. M. Golding said...

A step from reality into imagination...

ER said...

interesting composition here, Paul. i like the pattern, the softness and slight glistening.