Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daily Practice 182/365

Title: "Archelous' daughters singing the dark thoughts"
(click image to view larger)
We come to images as innocents, our reactions difficult to predict but usually specific. At first we "like" or "don't like" or "aren't sure what we think" an image. With a little instruction and lots of practice, it becomes possible to understand what the strengths and weaknesses of images are - both those we "like" and those we "don't like". It's exciting to arrive at that point, to be able to engage with art in a more meaningful way, getting past the entire "I know what I like" phase - the subtext here being that one may know what one likes but has no idea why. Staying in that first phase results in a very narrow understanding of art, and a very narrow  personal definition of what is art. Getting beyond that phase, understanding how images work or don't work, opens up a definition of art with infinite possibilities.

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