Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Practice 193/365

Title: "Beneath the thin veil of time"
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As I was leaving work today, I realized I had not got out a lunch time to do my daily practice. As I was walking along, I began to question if I really wanted to continue with it. There are just certain days when I feel as if not having to consider doing the daily practice would take a little pressure off and make life a little bit simpler. I think this periodic questioning about the practice relates not only to taking the time to do it, but it also involves how sincerely I feel I'm participating in the practice each day (some days it's literally a five minute activity) and my desire to process and post the image to this blog. I think this questioning is normal and part of the process, and I also think it serves a purpose in making me think about what it is I'm actually doing with the practice.
Just as I arrived home, I was immediately taken with an idea I wanted to try, and this is one of the images I made exploring that idea. I absolutely love the abstract composition, the interplay between line and shape, dark and light tones, solid and transparent. I believe that questioning of the value of the practice earlier provided much needed motivation to make something this expressive.

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J. M. Golding said...

I love those qualities about it too. And the sepia tone is perfect for this. It feels as if all of the 4 elements shade into one another in this image - as if fire is watery, and a breeze (air) is fiery, for example.
And I agree that the questioning is a normal part of the process, and an opportunity to better understand one's goals for it. And some days are hard!