Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily Practice 209/365

Title: "Requiem for a bunny"
(click image to view larger)
This was the scene waiting for me as I walked across campus into work this morning. Our campus is over-run by rabbits and bunnies, a very vibrant colony that's grown considerably in the past few years. There are times leaving work in the late afternoon when I can see herds of them grazing on the lush grass. Surprisingly, in spite of the easy pickings, we don't see many raptors circling overhead.

None the less, every morning there is an early clean up crew that goes around picking up any carcasses - it's generally agreed that students should not be confronted by the horrors of the life cycle in the wild when making their bleary-eyed way to classes. Apparently this bunny was missed by the crew, or perhaps met an unfriendly predator after the clean up today.

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