Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Practice 208/365

Title: "The Visitor"
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Last week I acquired a shadow...two shadows actually. This is a picture of one of my new shadows - Momo, cat detective extraordinaire. Very bold, not worried about being found tailing me - walks between my feet at will, runs after me and past me, meowing a greeting. Very conscientious - never leaves me for a moment if at all possible. But just every other day. Her partner in crime, Appa, takes over on the other days, it's a full time, exhausting job to shadow me so they take it in turns.
Today Momo showed off some very impressive sleuthing. My home office is off-limits to kitties, and whenever I enter I make sure no kitty has followed, and close the door firmly. I was in the office early this morning, took the usual precautions and carefully closed the door upon leaving. About a half hour later, I opened the door to go back into the office, and found Momo on the other side of the door (in the office), ready to take her leave. How, I wonder, did she get in?

Momo and Appa are my sister-in-law's cats. She has moved to our magical, mythical island and is staying with us until she gets her feet under her. So I don't know how long I will be shadowed, but in the mean time, I'll have to think up a few tricks of my own to keep Momo sharp.

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