Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daily Practice 310/365

Title: "A rewarding day"
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I spent a lovely day with my charming wife, in search of shoes. Finding shoes that fit and are comfortable are a challenge for her; the goal was to find shoes that met those two criteria and that would also be stylish and dressy. I think she was not optimistic as we set out: three pairs chosen last weekend were being returned because they did not stand the comfortable test on further wearing at home. In the end she found two pairs that fit and are comfortable, and that are also cute and stylish. And she revised the status of two other pairs to being comfortable by purchasing new insoles. It was nice to spend the day lending moral support and having some time alone on an adventure to find the holy grail. We stopped at a favourite bakery and bought little tarts to have with tea and coffee at home in front of the fire.

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