Monday, November 15, 2010

Repurposing of this Blog - Update

I've decided to continue the daily practice posts in a separate, private blog. This is partly to do with a new direction in subject my photographs may be taking which I don't consider to be appropriate for a blog that's open to all. It also has to do with changes in what I see blogs adding to my experience as an artist - some subjects that I'd like to write about are of general interest to a wide audience, but others belong in a personal journal. I am leaving this blog up to date with the daily practice, with the exception of yesterday's post which on reflection I feel belongs in a less public blog. I will continue to post here, probably showing and writing about short series of images and some other musings on photography.

UPDATE (21 Jan 2011):  For completeness, I have copied over all of the remaining "Daily Practice" entries from the private blog, except for two entries that I wish to remain private.

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