Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Practice 325/365

Title: "Winter Sky"
(click on image to view larger)
It's interesting how an artist and his/her subject matter can become suited for each other. This morning, E. and I were enjoying a lazy Sunday lie-in with tea and conversation, and I noticed a wonderful quality of light coming in from the north window, reflecting on the ceiling and light fixture. I made some images, convinced that one of them would be a great addition to the daily practice series. Yet, somehow I wasn't able to achieve an image in post-processing that captured the fragility of the light, even though yesterday's light was very similar and the images created really captured that. I suspect it had to do with those blues, which really worked well with the light.
A little later, we ventured out for a walk on the first frigid morning of this year's winter. I've been making lots of images of the sea/sky transition lately, and immediately was captivated by this scene of the lowering winter sky, with snow falling on the distant hills. Same light, different context and subject, but one that I'm familiar working with and one that's dear to my heart.

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