Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daily Practice 27/365

Title: "He looked down the eyepiece, eavesdropping on the very first act of conception"

For some photographers, photography is all about making a faithful representation of what is before their camera. Lens stopped way down, tack sharp focus, exposed and posted or printed without any manipulation or "post-processing". "Straight out of camera" is their creed, and a strong statement of their technical skill. I have a great deal of respect for photographers who approach their art in this manner, and I have had the pleasure of seeing many fine images produced from this philosophical approach.

I tend more towards ambiguity - I am often drawn to create images with multiple "reads" or interpretations. I like the idea of limitless imagination for myself, and I hope the art I create imposes as few limitations as possible on the imaginations of those who see it. Although I enjoy sharing my vision of the world with anyone who's interested, at the end of the day the images I create have to resonate with me. I like happenstance, accident and the unexpected. Lately, the images are trying to tell me a story - it's a multi-threaded narrative that seems to have started somewhere in the middle. I have no idea how broad it is, and whether either the beginning or end will be reached. And I'm perfectly content with that.

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