Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Practice 31/365

Title: "He had long been confused by the three stages of his amnesia"
I walked along the sea wall today, the air crisp and slightly cool. Looking down, instead of up and out over the strait towards the distant mountains. I had been thinking about this idea of the last image being a point of departure for the next, and was remembering a book of Richard Serra's drawings I have that's titled "Work comes out of work" that is a succinct expression of that idea. I saw the sky reflected in some pooled water along the walk way, and framed it square to the base of the wall. For the past few days I had been working with that temporary sculpture inside the studio, with geometry on my mind. There's a geometric formalism to this image that is certainly a distinct departure from the past few images, yet there is undoubtedly a connection between this image and those.

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