Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily Practice 8/365

I was thinking about solitude today - actually craving it after the first week back at work. I cut out a bit early this afternoon, with thoughts of finding a warm spot in the house to read. But first there was the question of my daily photography practice. The American artist Jennifer Bartlett once arranged to spend a year in France and rented a house. Expecting beautiful views and landscapes, she found the house to have a rather ordinary garden. Rather than being disappointed, Ms. Bartlett proceeded to create an extensive series of paintings and drawings of this "ordinary" garden over the course of the year. When I arrived home, I grabbed a pinhole digital camera and stepped outside into the back yard. Experimenting with camera motion and long exposures gave me an image that seemed to express the healing qualities of solitude.

I titled this image:

"He needed solitude to quiet the neuronal storm that descended from time to time"

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