Friday, January 29, 2010

Daily Practice 29/365

 Title: "Vibrational Horizons"
Years ago, one of my science mentors advised me that once I embarked on my independent career, I would have many more ideas than I could possibly work on. His advice spoke directly to the need to be critically selective, and also to the need to realize this truth to avoid being frustrated. While some artists often worry about a lack of inspiration, I've oddly never met a scientist who had that concern. I've found in my own art practice that realizing that each work informs the next, or provides a point of departure for the next, has freed me from the crippling worry about "inspiration". Daily practice reinforces the use of the last piece as a point of departure, which is true of today's image. Yesterday's meditation on the intersection of architecture, sculpture and photography has been the point of departure that brought about today's image.

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