Saturday, January 9, 2010

Devil's Playground

Devil's Mark

His Eminence


Devil's Anvil


Devil's Chisels


The Drowning Pool


Devil's Broadcast


Devil's Music


Devil's Temptation

I shot this series of images while on a walk at a local park. The site used to be a cement works a long time ago, but the forest has mostly reclaimed the site. It's somewhat intriguing to come across these last remnants of the old works, and as the moss and taggers go about their business of remediating the site a slight sense of unease creeps in. As I started taking images, I began to imagine the site as being the devil's playground, and looked for elements that fit that theme.


carolhow said...

A project worthy of more than just a blog on the net -truly inspiring and eye opening series of images!

jim rohan said...

Paul, this is an exceptional series of photos.

Paul said...

Carol, Jim - thank you so much for those kind words!