Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daily Practice 38/365

Title: "He worshiped at the alpha, the omega, and the delta"

Channeling Leonard Cohen a bit there. I spent the morning in the darkroom printing, and I briefly wondered whether posting a print from the session could be today's contribution. There are times when I feel pulled between darkroom work and taking new images. Never mind the other ideas I have floating around demanding attention - I have a nice series of images that I want to make photopolymer etchings with, these grainy diffuse images I've been making lately have me jazzed about doing some drawing, and then there's straight silver printing, lith printing, and alt methods like cyanotype and kallitype that are needing some attention.

This is my "poor man's" figure study - using bananas. One part of me would love to work with a model on some proper figure studies. That's the theoretical part of me. The overwhelming part of me can't envision working with a model - I would just be a huge bundle of nerves. After all, I'm a guy who gets nervous just having to phone someone. One thing I will say about this image as I look at it now, is that it reminds me of the lovely distorted nudes of Bill Brandt.  Something to keep in mind as a way to use this image as a departure point for a little series.

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