Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Practice 43/365

Title: "Surge of the Sea Remembered"

This might seem like a cop out, an easy way out of fulfilling my image a day commitment. It might strike one as a lame thing done because too much time was spent watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. But one would be wrong about that.

I actually thought of making this kind of image on the drive home from work. I've made a number of images recently of other art work, using sculptures and drawings as subjects for photographs. Today I was thinking of how I'm often interested in images of flickr contacts that have a photographic print as their subject. The image is not a scan of a traditional print, but a seemingly quick snapshot of a print. I find myself intrigued by the fact the presentation removes me a bit further from the image, yet it sharpens my interest because I see the image in the context of it being an object. It reminds me of the fact that while watching the typical tv show I'm often more interested in the art used by the set decorators, wishing I could see it for longer, or in a close-up, finding it more compelling than the actual tv program itself. There's something about the restricted nature of the relationship I have with those image-bearing objects, the incompleteness of it, that I would like to understand better.

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