Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily Practice 45/365

Title: "Number Nine"

Titling work is a curious thing. For the longest time, I avoided titling because I could only think of the most obvious, trite titles for work. Then when I was making rain forest images with a low tech camera, I started matching the finished images to lines of other people's poetry. That is, the images were not made with the poems in mind, yet there always seemed to be a line of poetry that resonated with each completed image. From that point onwards, I've been able to tap into some intuitive sense that guides me to a title. Some titles have been imagined narratives, others are misfiring fragments of memory. The first title I came up with for this image just did not sit well: it was ponderous and a tad precocious. And then my brain misfired (I mean, how else to explain the source of this title?). The title references a famous musical work, and one might imagine a melody being carried across the frame of this image. Curious how the mind works when it is unencumbered.

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