Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Practice 57/365

Title: "Specimen 2010-02-26"
(Click to see larger)

I have a slight fascination with grids. I like the way they provide a frame of reference. Even when you don't have a specific scale, as in this image, there is something about a grid that allows an estimate of size. I painted a series of abstract water colours on grids, and the grid took something abstract into the realm of maps and the surveying of places. We associate grids with scientific investigations, geometry, sports, searches, sectors...there seems to be an almost endless list of relationships to the grid.

In searching around for an idea late in the evening, I thought of the "through the viewfinder" craze that swept through sites like flickr in the past couple of years. As with most trends on sites like flickr, most of the work is derivative, not terribly inventive, and motivated by a "gosh that's so cool, I have to do it too" sentiment. On the other hand, I have seen some truly inventive, engaging ttv work. I like the idea of combining a grid with "specimens", and would like to develop this further. I'll need to work out some logistical details, but I think the resulting images could make a nice series.

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