Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Practice 46/365

Title: "Still life with bathing suit and towel"

As the day wound down, I could feel myself getting anxious about completing my daily practice. We were watching the Olympic pairs figure skating competition on tv and I went to answer nature's call while the German pair were doing their routine. I have nothing against the Germans, but let's just say that so far it had not been an inspiring night of skating. Even as I entered the shrine (which I think of our renovated bathroom as), my darling wife called out "he fell"...yes, so far not such a great night for figure skating, or image making.

Then I noticed this reflection in the mirror. I first tried a mirror self portrait, which is a stretch for me because I really, really dislike (hate) having my picture taken - even by me. Let's just say that it was a warm-up for taking the picture I really wanted to take, which was the one you see above. I'm fascinated by this image because the composition really only works by virtue of it being reversed in the mirror. I'm also fascinated by the idea of being one step removed from the subject - instead of taking a picture of the bathing suit and towel directly, its a picture of their reflection in the mirror. Hmm...that's what I had tried to achieve doing the self portrait. So perhaps I could have titled this "Self portrait (bathing suit and towel)".

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