Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daily Practice 215/365

Title: "Silence before the light"
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I'm usually out on my bike at about 6:15 am, a little activity I started about 3-4 weeks ago as a way to ensure I actually did some physical activity most days. Even in that short a time, I'm already seeing changes in the quality of light as the days shorten. It will be interesting to document those changes as part of my daily practice, to learn how to make effective images with different qualities of light. A morning like this, with the cloud cover starting to clear on the horizon can still take my breath away. Although this image will be viewed by others as quite the cliché, for me it has a personal meaning because it connects to this day and the continuing effect that living in a coastal region has on me. I make these images because I enjoy the process and need to access it on a daily basis; I like what the doing of it communicates to me about myself, what the images say to me.

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