Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Practice 228/365

Title: "The Interloper"
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There are cats in our house for the first time in 10 years. My wife's sister has moved out to our little island paradise, and is staying with us while she hunts for her own magical cabin. Her daughter's cats (Momo andAppa) arrived about 3 weeks ago - the most uncat-like cats I've ever met. They are extremely sociable and tolerant, like to fetch like a dog, like to have their bellies rubbed like a dog, and are herd-bound like horses can be. One or the other is endlessly following me, not letting me out of their sights. Today the house was empty (except for les chats), and as I entered the door Appa bore down on me like a rocket-launched missile, meowing most vociferously - it almost sounded like a horse neighing long and high, anxious to hear from herd-mates. Once home, I was not to be left alone - I think Appa was projecting her loneliness on me, trying to assure me that I was no longer alone (fat chance). Here she is, by turns soaking in the sun, asking to have her belly rubbed, and meowing for attention.

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