Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Practice 235/365

Title: "Thought without a thinker"
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I wanted to follow up on my experiment from a couple of days ago of using a pinhole camera to "draw" with the sun. I had a couple of exposures of Fuji 100c 4X5 instant film in the holder, so I decided to use that with my 4X5 pinhole camera. A little trial and error resulted in this image, which gives me some indications of how to take this idea further.
One of the things I hadn't anticipated was the much wider angle of view of my 4X5 pinhole camera vs. the home-hacked polaroid pinhole camera I used for this image. I had made fairly small movements with that camera and covered the smaller format instant film easily. My first couple of experiments with the 4X5 using a similar range of motion resulted in very small effects, as shown in the two images below:
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I think there may be some possibilities with these smaller "drawings" as well, especially once I expand my horizons and get out of the back yard with this idea.
To get the top image, I was actually moving from one side of the yard to the other, and putting the camera high above my head, and down to my ankles. Since images are inverted on the film, I can tell that down to the ankles is so far that the sun "moves" off what is the top of the image. I can also tell that I'm not tall enough to extend the camera high enough to cover to the bottom of the image. And I need a larger back yard (or a nice stretch of beach) to get complete coverage from side to side.

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