Saturday, August 7, 2010

Daily Practice 219/365

Title: "Exhibit 84.012 from Dr. Hammer's Museum of Curiosities"
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Dr. Hammer had a peculiar obsession to collect as many mysterious, unknown artifacts as possible for his museum. The museum was housed in an 18th century timber building in the little town of Orbitz near the Austrian border. At first the townspeople would visit the museum but they soon lost interest when they realized that there was nothing valuable at the museum, nor were there local artifacts that recorded their town's history. When I was touring the region in 1987, I came upon the museum and being curious about these curiosities, I paid the 50 pfennig entrance fee and walked into the most enchanting place I'd seen on my trip. There was something hauntingly beautiful about the objects Hammer had collected, which he presented in an eccentric way. Noting my interest, Dr. Hammer asked if I would assist in documenting the collection with my camera. As I was at a loose end, I agreed and rented a room above the town bakery, spending the last few months of summer and the fall going to the museum each day to photograph the treasures.

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J. M. Golding said...

Wonderful story and a mysterious image!