Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 X 100 X 100 Drawing Project

I had a little inspiration today for a new project once my "365" photo project ends in a few weeks. I will certainly keep photographing as part of my art practice, and will come up with a new project for that as well. But today I was thinking about John Cage, and how he used the element of chance to make drawings, prints and music. As I thought more about this, I came up with the idea of doing 100 drawings, each of which would consist of 100 lines drawn on a grid in a random fashion determined by chance.  Making the underlying grid a 10X10 gives the third "100" to this project. I am going to use rolls of the dice to determine the following parameters for each line: (1) starting grid point, (2) ending grid point, (3) colour of line, (4) pressure/width of line. After 100 lines have been drawn on the paper, I will use an eraser to remove the grid lines, which will randomly and unevenly erase part of the drawn lines. My plan is to make 100 drawings in 2011 using these parameters.

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