Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daily Practice 362/365

Title: "A reflection of all things past"
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When my dad came back from his morning walk today, he was telling me about some sad news he'd had over the past couple of days. Friends of his had gone to pick up their mother on Christmas morning only to find her dead in her bed; another friend had had a mini-stroke on Christmas evening. As he turned to go into the house for breakfast, my dad remarked "these are the things that happen to your friends at my age" (he's 79).
As the year comes to a close, we typically look back for memories or to get some sense of context for our lives. On Christmas eve, my sister-in-law shared stories of Christmas' when she was a girl growing up in Slovakia, and also memories of her formative years living on her grandmother's farm. These memories often seem to come sharply to us, as if we stumble upon them in the foggy mists of lost and half-remembered times past, thoughts that came to me as I caught this reflection of the sky today.

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