Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Allure of Black and White

Gonzales Observatory

Songhees Bench
 Songhees Fence

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Black and white images are wonderful for emphasizing line, shape and tones, revealing the underlying geometry and artistry of the world around us. I started the day with a short trip to the top of a local point, high above the ocean. There's a weather observatory there; making this study of the stairs in some ways trained my eye to look for black and white images on a later walk along the inner harbour. I like making images of shadows because of their indirect reference to objects around us: we don't see the object directly, but we can easily visualize it without the distortions incorporated into the shadow. The final image is the exact opposite: indirect evidence of windows from the pool of light they reflected into a deep shadow. I particularly like the ambiguity of that final image: it can certainly be read literally, but is also open to more imaginative interpretations, while the other three images are too specifically defined to have that option.

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