Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daily Practice 364/365

Title: "Vague messages from a shadowy world"
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In this penultimate image for the Daily Practice project, I've returned to a common theme, shadows. This morning I was sitting on the studio porch, admiring the quality of the morning light, and the shadows being cast on the sides of the house. I'm continually attracted to make these images by the quality of the light at particular times of day, the way it is enhanced by the shadows, and also by this idea that shadows represent a slightly off-kilter alternative world. I always get a sense that there is a story to be heard, of daring or mundane events, told in a way never experienced before.  It reminds me that when I first started printmaking, I had coopted a cast of figures and shapes from ancient rock art, creating compositions with them that only in retrospect I realized enacted scenes of confrontation. I sense a certain tension between the organic shape on the left of this image, and the strong, rigid geometrical shape on the right. Hopefully it will all end peacefully.

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J. M. Golding said...

It's as if the indeterminate or ambiguous quality of the shadows reflects (both figuratively, and almost literally) the indeterminate or ambiguous quality of a story that is sensed but not explicit.