Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Practice 365/365

Title: "Full Circle"
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For the final image of my Daily Practice project, I went back to the site of where it all started. I wanted to have a sense of closing the circle, so I took my 4X5 pinhole camera, expired Fuji FP100C45 film and went down to the same location I went to on January 1st, a favourite spot of mine. The wonderful thing about making instant images with a pinhole camera is the way it slows down time; especially in the winter when development times are longer. I felt a great sense of calm and serenity, sunning myself against the rocks of the shoreline while waiting for each exposure to develop. The experience today was quite sublime.

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J. M. Golding said...

Congratulations, Paul! As you know, I know how difficult a discipline a year's daily practice is. I have so much admiration for the deeply thoughtful way in which you've done this, and am so inspired by both your process and your work.

Happy New Year, and many thanks for sharing your year ... as well as the joy you experienced at its close, both through words and in this radiant photo! There's something very wonderful about finding your pace.