Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Remembering what went before

Title: "A path of memories"
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If my memory is serving me well, a year ago today I met the lovely JM Golding in person, after a protracted correspondence of sorts on Flickr. Jacki was visiting my town as part of a family vacation prompted by the acceptance of her wonderful toy camera images into a gallery show here. She wrote to me suggesting we meet up, and we spent an afternoon together exploring the coast and this local park with our cameras in hand. It's an interesting experience to take a fellow artist to some of your favourite locales, and to observe how that person views the landscape that is so familiar to you. Whenever I walk in this park, I remember the time we spent here - I was focused on the trees and bushes for the most part, while Jacki was watching for interesting reflections in the pools of water, which made me start to consider the possibilities of those reflections as well. We've maintained an active correspondence on art and life since that day which I've really benefited from. Yesterday I found myself in the same park, with fond memories of a year ago inspiring this image.

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J. M. Golding said...

Paul, I'm truly honored. I learn so much from you! And I fondly remember that day and those reflections :-)