Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily Practice 336/365

Title: "The fury"
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I'm not great at travel photography - the pictures I take the first time I'm in a new place, usually of the landscape, seem trite and uninspired. I'm always disappointed in the gulf that lies between what I see in those images, and the feelings of awe and excitement about being in a new place that I experienced first hand. I've lived in this current place the longest I've every lived anywhere in my life, almost for half of my life. I feel as if some of my landscape images of my locale are starting to express what I want; that it's taken many years to slowly learn the rhythms of this place, to gain some understanding and to begin to establish a dialogue and relationship with my surroundings. The images express a great deal about what I've learned from listening to this place. And they express a great deal about me.

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J. M. Golding said...

Paul, this is breathtaking!

Did I ever tell you this story? Many years ago, I attended a one-day workshop taught by Ruth Bernhard and John Sexton. I showed them one of my favorite photos, one I was really proud of, and they immediately commented that I must not have been very familiar with this place - which I wasn't. So disappointing ... Anyway, years later, I really do think there's something special about photographing places that we truly know well.